Trade Credit Applications

We are going digital

Our business is updating some of its processes to provide improved efficiency and service for suppliers and customers. Going digital will save time and cost, enabling our business to be more flexible. We have also thought about how we streamline the experience for our partners, so have chosen technologies that provide beneficial facilities to improve your business and assist your growth.

Get Paid Faster & Make It Easy To be Paid with billzy®

Secure and Connected Community

Now you can connect, interact and transact simply and securely.

As part of our Digital initiative, the Credit Application for Trade Credit processes are being streamlined, simplified and moved to the billzy® platform suite of services. Our debtor and creditor management to be captured and managed in one place with an automated monitoring process being managed through the platform so that our business can maintain its high standard of affiliates, allowing us to offer a seamless, consistent experience across all our Supplier and Customer network.

Moving to this digital platform is a breeze and we have engaged billzy® to assist in ensuring our supplier and customer network is supported in the digital migration process.

You have been invited to connect to billzy®. What do you do next?

Billzy® makes it easy to connect and once connected, you can just send invoices like you always did – to our new email address or upload directly via the simple to use billzy® Intelligent invoice creation process.

An automated invoice upload will ensure it is directed straight into our payment system ready for approval and payment – no lost invoices, no late payment, higher security!

One Platform. One Community.

As a member, you can choose to use the billzy® platform facilities that help you to take back control over your payments and business cash flow!

Our old forms will be replaced with standard creditor management offered through the billzy® platform. Maintaining an ongoing review process was costly and time consuming, this process is now managed within the billzy® Credit Management platform.

While you maintain the level of credit worthiness necessary to continue as a registered member to this platform, our compliance and audit requirements will be satisfied (subject to any special conditions we may require based on your circumstances and business structure).

As long as you maintain active member status, you won’t even have to renew annually!

Get Set Up In Minutes

Quick application

  1. Sign up to billzy® – click the link below: Join Now
  2. Complete the billzy® member logon which qualifies your Digital Trade Credit application
  3. You are now a member and typically validated for trade credit. Complete the bank account verification process to ensure prompt and secure payment can be made

The process is simple, online and fast, but should you prefer to complete a paper based method, billzy® can ensure that your needs are supported.

Send an email to ask how they can help:

As a member, you can Unlock and utilise the billzy Suite Of Cash Flow Features to help your business to grow

No Set Up Fees

A big benefit of being a billzy member is that you become a card merchant without the usual process of approval through an acquiring bank.

No Monthly Ongoing Fees

billzy charges members no Merchant joining or monthly fees. Card transaction fees of 1.67% (GST inc) are deducted from the bank account the recipient has nominated to receive the card payments.

Zero Bank Transfer Fees

You can also pay or receive payments between your bank account and that of a client. billzy does this by transferring the monies through a secure trust account. There is no charge for these transfers.

Send Invoices

Offers discounts

Offers discounts for early payment with billzy Deal

Billzy Cash

Instant application for Invoice finance for immediate payment with billzy Cash.

billzy Invoice

Accept Credit Card, Accept Debit Card, Apply Dynamic Surcharging, Easy Merchant setup