The ability to run all invoicing through billzy®

Ready to make the jump the billzy®, but also don’t want to relinquish all aspects of your invoicing completely?

That’s totally okay! The billzy® platform can partner with you for the areas of your business you actually want help with, and leave other elements to you.

Peter, our testimonial case study, has been with billzy® for only three months, but it has been enough time for him to ascertain that billzy® is right for him for certain elements of his labour hire company.

And while all your business money concerns may not be resolved with billzy’s services, that’s not what billzy® purports to do. However, major financial concerns are tackled and cash flow is streamlined.

Says Peter: “Things are a lot better than what they were. We, on average, carry about $300,000 in accounts receivable, and we get billzy® to help with a small portion, in our instance, there’s probably only one point in time they have had $100,000 they helped us out with. So it’s a small piece of the overall pie, but… it’s a LARGE area of the labour hire.”

Peter further clarifies: “We actually run all our invoicing through billzy®, we just don’t draw down on most of it. Because we actually use them as an overarching payment service, so we use them for credit card payments, BPAY, all that sort of stuff, that’s why we run everything through them, but the money that we call down on, which is one of the reasons we started with their service, in providing invoice financing capabilities… we only do that on a very small portion of what we do.”

From this case study you can see that billzy® can be used for various scenarios, and you can alter the commitment to the service depending on your needs. The control and flexibility of what facilities are accessed is completely with the member.

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