Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

The Pain of Cash Flow Shortfalls

A lack of cashflow stops your business, dead in it’s tracks. You can’t grow, you can’t pay staff or invest in projects when there is a cash flow shortage. 

There are many reasons why you might have a cash flow shortage:

  • debtors late on payments;
  • projects taking more resources than originally planned;
  • unforeseen expenses.

Whatever the reasons, the impacts can be severe:

  • Unable to pay staff and creditors
  • Unable to start new projects
  • Unable to grow!

Resolving Cash Flow Issues

There are a number of ways you can respond to a cashflow shortage. Business loans, Lines of Credit, short term lending markets (even credit cards!). They are all forms of short or longer term loans and most small businesses don’t gain an advantage by being encumbered by the shackles of a (or yet another…) short term business loan. Loan repayments can drag on for months and you pay for that loan every week while they are being paid off.

For many, a cash flow shortage is a short term problem and the best solution is also short term.

Cash finance tools give you the ability to access cash whenever you need it. Use it to: 

  • Cover expenses;
  • Pay staff;
  • Fund projects;
  • Grow your business!

The best thing is that you do not need to take on the painstaking, onerous task of signing up for a business loan and committing your house to a long term loan payment schedule.

There are more modern and effective ways to keep cash flowing in the business to greatly enhance your business resilience.

Building Business Resilience with Billzy

Here at Billzy, we build business resilience by offering a choice of financial tools that help you run your business and grow. Use your invoices to drive your business growth through the power of the billzy® Intelligent Invoice™, enabling the value of your invoices to be negotiated or financed for early or immediate payment. Your work can be rewarded immediately, speeding up your cash flow to address the cost of business more readily.

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