Our Difference

billzy is the only single platform designed by small business people for small business people… like YOU!

One Platform. One Community.

One Platform

Invoicing, Payments, Discounting and Invoice Finance all from the One Place. These things are the lifeblood of any business. Keep it simple.

Secure and Connected Community

Now you can connect, interact and transact with your customers, clients, suppliers and contacts simply and securely.

Free Unlimited Invoicing

Create and Send unlimited invoices. Say goodbye to monthly fees.

Accept Multiple Payments Options

Effortlessly accept multiple payment methods including credit/debit card, bank transfer and BPay (coming soon). Don’t make it hard for your customers and clients to pay your bills. Offer them multiple ways to pay with billzy Pay;

Dynamic Surcharging

It’s great that you offer your customers a card payment option but sometimes you just can’t afford even billzy’s low processing fee. Now you can ‘Add a Surcharge” with one click. If our customer chooses to pay with card then your processing cost will be added to the final invoice amount. If they choose Bank Transfer then no Surcharge will apply. Easy.

Receive Everything In One Place

Stay on top of your bills/invoices by automatically receiving them all in the One Place and easily pay multiple ways with just a few clicks. Pay directly from your Invoice with Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card. No more bills getting lost in the mail/email. No more scanning, downloading, printing, card details over the phone or logging into different platforms to pay. Just view, click and pay.

No Upfront/Monthly Fees

No expensive upfront establishment fee. No ongoing monthly merchant fees. billzy sets your business up as a merchant to accept credit/debit card, Direct Debit and BPay (coming soon) quickly, simply and hassle free.

No Inflexible Contracts

No inflexible lock in contracts. Unlike the bank. Get Set up as a merchant in Minutes. No more paperwork.

Instantly Negotiate Discounts

Instantly Negotiate discounts or earlier payment terms with billzy Deal. Want to offer a discount to your client for earlier payment? Offer a Deal. Want a discount by paying earlier? Request a Deal. billzy will take care of the rest.

billzy Cash

Sometimes you simply need payment now and not on the due date. With billzy Cash you can borrow cash against an outstanding invoice/s with one click straight from your invoice.