1. Are my personal details safe?

billzy uses best practice PCI-DSS security principles in the design and hosting of the site, plus periodic penetration testing to assess protection measures on the platform, all to ensure security.

  • The card details of our users never enter billzy but are instead stored with Westpac. Personal details are stored, encrypted and are not disclosed other than where users have agreed in accepting our privacy policy.

2. What is PCI DSS Compliance? Which level?

Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard – is an information security standard administered by Visa and MasterCard for organisations that handle branded credit cards.

  • The standard was created to increase controls around card data to reduce credit card fraud. Billzy’s PCI level is 3.
  • What this means is that when you are using our software to handle your payments you can rest assured that your personal banking information is being handled with the highest level of payment security.

3. Does billzy have an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL)?

Yes. billzy holds AFSL License #494176. Please refer to the Financial Services Guide to be found at: https://billzy.com/legal/

4. How is my money protected?

Your money is always in your account and billzy has no special access to it, our users are in complete control. When payments are in transit, they pass through billzy’s trust account which is regulated on your behalf.

5. Why does billzy appear on my statement?

billzy makes it easier for all businesses to operate as a merchant taking payments by credit or debit cards, by being the master merchant for the acquiring bank, Westpac. This means that our members can get better rates and services than they could achieve on their own, as well as enjoy the security and scale that billzy brings them.

6. What do other billzy members know about me?

billzy members will only be able to see the business information that would normally appear on a tax invoice. Further information can be disclosed at personal discretion via emails directly between members.

Setup / Getting Started

7. How soon can I start using billzy?

Once your application, identity and credit history are verified, a billzy member account is created. You will then receive a welcome email with login credentials shortly after submitting an application.

  • A billzy staff member will then contact you to verify you own the designated bank account, and in the background billzy will undertake a final card scheme check.
  • If you have bank account statement scans readily available for verification, the complete process of becoming a billzy member can occur on the same day. Click here to get started as a billzy member now

8. What services is billzy offering?

billzy provides an all in one place for invoicing, payments and cashflow management in or out via cards and direct transfer. Our platform also facilitates negotiations of settlement deals between members and provides the arrangement of invoice financing.

9. How do I view and edit my account information?

Once logged into your member account, go to the person icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Select the cog/settings icon and it will take you to your profile screen where you can edit and change your details.

10. How do I add or delete a credit and debit card to my account?

Login to billzy and click the person icon, now click the card symbol on the top left-hand banner.

  • To add a card, click the Add Card button and follow the prompts to input the card detail. To delete a card, click the rubbish bin symbol to the right of the card you wish to delete.

11. How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by logging into your account, using the person icon to go into the member profile area and changing the password there.

  • Select “Change Password”, set the password and click Change
  • For maximum security, you should select a password at least 6 characters long with a mix of upper and lower case, numbers and punctuation.

12. How do I reset my password?

At the login screen, click ‘Forgot my password’, follow the prompts and the system will provide the means to reset it.

13. What if my temporary password expires?

Contact billzy by calling 1300billzy to get a new temporary password sent to your registered email address.

14. How do I upload my own logo?

You click on the person icon and you click on the cog icon for settings. Then click on invoice template, click on choose file and browse to your logo. Note: It must be a PNG, GIF or JPG file and no larger than 500KB max.

15. Where can I find my statement?

Login to billzy and click the person icon, and then select the page icon. This will open up the member’s statements page. Users can now view or print and of the statements.

16. Can I access my account whenever I need to?

In general, yes. billzy operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except for occasional scheduled maintenance.


17. How do I make a payment?

Login to billzy and click to open the invoice you wish to pay. Click on ‘Pay’ and choose the method payment you prefer.

18. How can I track my invoices?

You can view both your sent and received invoices under separate tabs at the top of the screen, each of these categories has a history and outstanding tab. Clicking on either will display a list of invoices in reverse date order. You can open and print any of these invoices, as well as explore other actions available on the page.

19. What happens if a payment fails?

The money is returned to the originating account and an error is raised. billzy administrative staff will work to identify and resolve the issue directly with the payer.

20. How can I issue an invoice through billzy?

Login to billzy and click the ‘Issue Invoice’ button to begin.

  • Start to type the name of the business you wish to bill, billzy will prefill the form if the customer has been stored before.
  • If this is the first bill directed at this business, you can store the details for future use by using the ‘Add Customer’ button. Add the payment terms, line detail and amount for the invoice.
  • To create the invoice form to be sent to the customer you can either use the standard form billzy provides (you can add your own logo), or you can upload an invoice you have prepared elsewhere.
  • If you click the surcharge button, the merchant card fee will be added to the invoice if the payer selects a card to pay you.
  • Note the two buttons at the bottom of the invoice, these are billzy Deal and billzy Cash which are discussed in the sections ‘Discounts & Early Payments’ and ‘Invoice Financing’ respectively.

21. Can billzy remind my customer that a payment has been sent?

The system automatically notifies a billzy member that a payment has been sent, both on the sit and via email. It changes the colour icon as well as reclassifies a payment that is complete on the site to a paid or received list when this occurs.

  • Note: For invoices you raise in billzy for customers who are not members, these notifications will not apply

22. What methods of payment does billzy offer?

Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Credit Card and Debit Card

23. What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is a standard banking process where funds are transferred directly from one bank account to another. It requires an authorisation process and specific bank account details to occur.

24. Why should I use Direct Debit?

Direct Debit avoids card scheme fees on the transaction, billzy will absorb the bank charge for this service. The result of this is that members will not have to pay any accompanying fees.

25. When will I receive my payment?

Once a payment is initiated in billzy, funds travel from the payer’s bank account to the billzy trust account. They are reconciled there and are then transferred to the destination account. The overall process usually takes 4 business days.

26. Does billzy make sure funds are cleared?

The banking integration that billzy has with Westpac ensures that funds clear.

  • If there is an error in a transaction or there are insufficient funds, an automatic alert is raised, and the issue is actioned until it is resolved.
  • Our members can rest assured that there is no possibility of money ‘getting lost’.

27. Can my spouse pay bills on billzy as well?

You are responsible for the security of your user email and password. You may choose to share that with a spouse or trusted associate, but legal responsibility for their actions on your account’s rests with you.

Discounts & Early Payments

28. How can I make a deal through billzy?

When creating an invoice or upon opening an unpaid invoice the billzy Deal button will display.

  • Pressing this button allows you to make an offer to the payer that you will accept less if they pay the invoice more quickly.
  • The payer can then choose to accept, ignore or counter offer the deal.
  • Alternatively, if you are the payer you can utilise billzy Deal to request a discount for early payment of an invoice, the biller is then entitled to accept, ignore of counter offer the deal. https://billzy.com/our-difference/

Invoice Financing

29. How can I receive financing immediately for invoices that I issue?

When creating an invoice there are two buttons available at the bottom, and one of these is the option to utilise billzy Cash.

  • Pressing this button sends a request to a financial services provider that you would like them to pay 80% of the invoice value immediately and the balance, less their fees at the original payment term.
  • They will come back with either offer terms or a decline. You can choose whether you accept those terms to proceed.


30. What is a chargeback?

Under card scheme rules (Visa, MasterCard) you can request a reversal of a charge on a card if you do not think it’s genuine. billzy is liable to cover that money. However, as a billzy member, you have agreed in the terms and conditions NOT to make payment with card until you have satisfied yourself that the goods or services you are paying for were successfully delivered. If you make a chargeback, billzy will seek to recover that money from you legally.

Contact and Support

31. How can I contact billzy customer support?

If you have any questions or problems we’d love to hear from you, we can be contacted over the phone by dialling 1300billzy, or through email via the address contact@billzy.com

  • Head office: 1/450 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood, QLD, 4075
  • Trading hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm