billzy Invoice

Create and send unlimited invoices instantly from any device, anywhere, anytime with billzy Invoice.

Make it easy for your customers to pay quickly and effortlessly by offering them multiple ways to pay. Track the live status of your sent invoices: received, opened, overdue or paid. Go paperless

Why use billzy Invoice?

Accept Credit Card Payments

Setting up as merchant through billzy is quick and easy. Give your customers the option to pay you quickly and unlock your cash flow faster.

Real time status of all your invoices in one place

Whether your invoice is received, seen, paid, overdue or processed you can check the status of all of your invoices in one place.

Pass on your credit card surcharge

Accepting credit card payment means faster payment and increased cash flow for you. But what about the credit card merchant fee? With billzy invoice you can set how much of the fee you pass on as part of your invoice with dynamic surcharging.