billzy® fees: see how the freedom of billzy® can work for you!

Okay, so you’ve done your research and you can see billzy® is the platform for you, your ally in your business cash flow.

How much does it cost YOU to set it all up?

The credo at billzy® is that we are: clear, simple, and transparent.

A 1.67% fee (including GST) on credit/debit card transactions.

A 10% billzy® ‘Deal Fee’ (including GST) only of the amount by which an invoice has been reduced and payable by the initiator of a Deal/Discount.

So what does it cost to set up? Nothing! Zero!

A big benefit of being a billzy® member is that you become a card merchant without the usual process of approval through an acquiring bank. That’s a massive bonus for the time poor person just like you!

Hidden fees? No! There are no monthly ongoing fees. billzy® charges members no Merchant joining fee, or monthly fees.

Card transaction fees of 1.67% (GST incl.) are deducted from the bank account the recipient has nominated to receive the card payments. You nominate whether your customer pays this fee or if it is deducted from your bill.

There are no fees for being a member of the platform. You can also pay or receive payments between your bank account and that of a client. How does this happen? billzy® enables this by transferring the monies through a secure trust account.

“billzy® provides a platform to manage all of your invoice and payment transactions in one place, with flexibility on how you pay or the services that you offer your customers to pay, so they can better meet their own cashflow needs. By simply using the platform, you also unlock the more powerful cashflow and working capital facilities to assist your business when it needs cash to grow,” says Nick Holmes, CEO of billzy®.

And so, to summarise, billzy® is:

ZERO Establishment Fees

ZERO Monthly Fees

ZERO Membership fees

Credit / Debit Card: 1.67% inc GST

billzy® Deal Fee: 10% inc GST (of the discounted component only)

billzy® Cash: Price On Application (based on individual circumstances)

Always read the Product Disclosure Statement for a more detailed explanation of the fees.

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