billzy®: accountant recommended

We can fly the flag for billzy® all we like, but it’s you as the end user who will determine if it’s a platform you feel confident with partnering you in your business.

And so, in a series of testimonials, we have real life billzy® users who have experienced the billzy® tool and can vouch for its success.

Says Peter*, from a labour hire firm:

“billzy® were actually recommended by my accountant, that’s how we found out about them. We have been looking at invoice financing for a while and talking to a few different organisations, and the accountant recommended we talk to them, and ask them more about how a company would experience billzy®.”

This in itself gives the business owner toying with the idea of taking on billzy® the additional confidence they may need: knowing that a professional from a reputable industry who handles their finances also places such trust in a tool which assists their client’s cash flow.

Adds Peter: “I found it quite a personalised experience because pretty much every time I work with billzy® I talk to the same person, so that’s been really good. He then understands what is going on with us and with our business, and he can track down things if we need assistance in understanding figures, which is good.”

Speak to your accountant today about how billzy® can help you. If your accountant, business advisor or finance broker wants more info from us, on how we can help their business customers, we can assist. Simply call 1300billzy and we can answer questions about what you – and your accountant – need to know.

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