Get Paid Faster & Make It Easy For People To Pay You

The billzy Intelligent InvoiceTM is going to change the way your business Sends and Receives invoices, accesses invoice finance and manages cash flow, forever.

It’s simple to use, can be accessed from anywhere and from any device and has been designed by business owners for business owners, just like you.

Get Set Up In Minutes & Unlock The billzy Suite Of Cash Flow Features

The billzy Intelligent InvoiceTM revolutionises your business processes by connecting all your money tools in one secure place.

The billzy Intelligent InvoiceTM is the smart way to pay bills, invoice, finance and grow your cash flow.

Securely receive and pay your invoices in billzy. Filter out fraudulent invoices by receiving only those invoices from verified sources.

Pay directly from the invoice, pay multiple bills at once or split the payment across multiple accounts.

Encourage your clients to pay earlier by offering a discount with billzy Deal.

You can also improve your own margins by requesting a discount for early payment. Offer a deal any time up to the due date of the invoice and billzy will handle the rest.

Use billzy Cash to request invoice finance on any outstanding invoices,

Whether it’s at the time of issuing or any day up until the due date. Request billzy Cash and you’ll receive the payment in your account within 24-48 hours of approval.

Send unlimited invoices and offer multiple ways to pay

billzy streamlines both bills and payments

Secure, simple to use suite of tools in one place that will revolutionise your cash flow!

The billzy Intelligence InvoiceTM centralises all your invoices into one place and provides a unique suite of options to power your working capital and give you the time and cash flow to focus on the growth of your business.

See how billzy’s Intelligent InvoiceTM can work for you.

Send Invoices

Offers discounts

Offers discounts for early payment with billzy Deal

Quick application

Quick application for Invoice finance for immediate payment with billzy Cash.

billzy Invoice

Accept Credit Card, Accept Debit Card, Apply Dynamic Surcharging, Easy Merchant setup

Pay Invoices

Negotiate discounts

Negotiate discounts to improve your margin with billzy Deal

billzy Pay

Pay with Credit / Debit card, Easy payment with Direct debit, Multiple payment options, Split Payments

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